Eco-designed, sustainable, and responsible candles

Claepsidra by Haviland Candles

Claepsidra is a brand of fine home fragrances developed without phthalates and endocrine disruptors.

Encouraged by beautiful encounters, the Clæpsidra adventure started in 2016 and worked 18 months in R&D with the desires to:

  • develop healthier home fragrances, without endocrine disruptors
  • to create singular, faceted and subtle fragrances from the world of high perfumery
  • to promote the know-how of French artisans and manufacturers
  • to offer an exclusive object entirely handmade, a guarantee of authenticity and excellence
  • and finally to place solidarity and donation at the heart of our project.
An alliance of know-how


“From the meeting with the founders of Claepsidra came the original creation of the porcelain case and the box that host the collection of scented candles.

Thus, the design of the porcelain cookie was created in the form of layers of paper, cut, engraved, and shaped, to draw a sculpture that wraps itself in a fluid and harmonious movement around the cylinder, symbol of the passing of time.

In the same way as the paper, the porcelain cookie, a soft and delicate material thus chiseled, lets the light filter through to stage the graphics as the candle burns. “


Marianne Guély, Artist and Founder of Studio Marianne Guély


Exclusive handicrafts, hand-made, 100% made in France.

The finest essences for singular, faceted and subtle perfumes.

Materials without phthalates, without endocrine disruptors and more.

Eco-responsible design at every stage, constantly improved.

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